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Florence 4-piece Set
  • Florence 4-piece Set

    Introducing the Florence 4-piece Set, the ultimate collection for your furry friend. Whether you have a playful puppy or a seasoned senior dog, this set is designed for dogs of all ages. The set includes an adjustable harness, collar, lead, and a convenient poo bag holder, everything you need for those daily walks or weekend adventures. Made with sturdy and durable materials, this set is both stylish and practical, giving your pet the comfort and security they deserve. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, the Florence 4-piece Set is the perfect addition to your pet's accessory collection.



    🐾  Features:

    D ring for lead attachment 

    D ring on front for training lead attachment 

    Fully adjustable straps

    Comes in variety of sizes


    🐾  Size Measurements:

    Extra Extra Small (XXS): Belt Strap 1.5cm, Neck: 24-32cm, Chest: 28-38cm

    Extra Small (XS): Belt Strap 1.5cm, Neck: 29-36cm, Chest: 36-48cm

    Small (S): Belt Strap 2.0cm, Neck: 35-44cm, Chest: 41-54cm

    Medium (M): Belt Strap 2.0cm, Neck: 39-51cm, Chest: 46-61cm

    Large (L): Belt Strap 2.5cm, Neck: 42-56cm, Chest: 57-83cm

    Extra Large (XL): Belt Strap 2.5cm, Neck: 48-63cm, Chest: 59-88cm



    🐾 Features:

    Easily adjustment

    Black plastic buckle 

    Vareity of sizes available 


    🐾 Size Measurements:

    XXS: 1.5cm x 17-25cm

    XS: 1.5cm x 22-30cm

    S: 2.0cm x 28-43cm

    M: 2.0cm x 33-51cm

    L/XL: 2.5cm x 41-66cm



    🐾  Features:

    D Ring to attach poo bag

    Padded handle for extra comfort

    Black swivel clasp for collar attachment


    🐾  Sizing Measurements:

    XXS/XS: 1.5cm x 152cm

    S/M: 2cm x 152cm 

    XL/L: 2.5cm x 152cm


    Poo Bag Holder:

    🐾  Features:

    Zip fastening for easy access

    Black clasp for attachment to lead or bag

    Made from durable material


    🐾  Size Measurements:



    Dog accessories are subject to wear & tear. We always recommend ensuring the condition is safe for your pooch to wear. 

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